About The AWS Course

Amazon Web Services is shortly called as AWS which is the collection of remote computing services. AWS is the most trusted, scalable, highly reliable with a low-cost cloud platform that covers a wide array of business and among all the Organizations.


  • Committed to pure professionalism we make sure that the course program gets completed the scheduled time. Equal priority will be given for both theoretical & practical sessions
  • Get ready to witness an ultimate learning experience with our state-of-the-art-infrastructure which includes digitalized classrooms, sophisticated lab & other features
  • Free Demo Sessions (Online/Offline) by our qualified domain experts will help the aspirants to get a better idea about the course program & can get their doubts clarified by the experts
  • Exposure towards real-time industry training by our trusted experienced trainers will help you become a complete dominant professional in your desired profession.

AWS Course Overview

We are the One Stop Destination to have bright future in emerging technology that delivers Best AWS Training Sessions in Hyderabad by Real Time Industry Experts. We provide demonstrations and hands-on labs with real-time scenarios and Industry-Centric approaches. The usage of Amazon Web Services during this course is experienced by students. AWS Training in Hyderabad is provided to the learners with basic fundamentals and advanced subject knowledge skill set to become an expert in AWS and face Real World Industry Challenges. After the completion of AWS Course in Hyderabad, candidates can easily take better decisions about complex problems based on business requirements to boost Organizational revenues. We make the candidates as ‘Industry-Ready’ to grab the best job opportunity in the MNCs by cracking the interview in an easy manner. AWS Certification is awarded to the students at the end of the course that plays a vital role in the job hunt.

AWS Training Course Objectives

This AWS Course in Hyderabad is designed in a way to provide 100% subject knowledge skill set to solve all the complex problems in an easy manner.The major objectives of our Kelly Technologies AWS Training In Hyderabad program is to help the cloud career enthusiasts to leverage knowledge and real-world skills in AWS that gets them hired. As a part of our AWS course program, we make our students learn the concepts from an updated curriculum which is specially designed by AWS industry experts. So our AWS Training In Hyderabad course curriculum is well in terms with the present AWS industry requirements & standards.

  • Provides Knowledge in Security measures of the subject
  • Navigation of AWS Management Console
  • Providing knowledge of terminology and concepts that relate to this platform
  • Differentiation in AWS storage option
  • Enhances Knowledge in Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3) bucket
  • Provides knowledge in usage of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Making of the web services based Infrastructure which is more efficient to reduce costs and increase the performance
  • Usage of Well Architected Framework to increase architectures with best unique solutions

This AWS training is best fit for

  • IT Professionals who want Project Experience in migrating and deploying AWS solution Architect
  • IT Infrastructure Background Professionals
  • Virtualisation Professional Experience
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Professionals in understanding of applications, server, network security and compliance
  • AWS Target Manager
  • System Engineers and Server Manager
  • Software Developers

Who Can Go For This AWS Training Session ?

AWS Certification Training in Hyderabad is designed for all the desired IT Professionals who want to make career in cloud computing and become AWS Certified professional to advance career graph.This is purely industry centric and as well job-centered AWS training where the participants will be learning the concepts right from the very basics to advance. This makes our AWS course program as the ideal choice for both fresher and as well as for the working professionals who are planning on making a career shift from their existing technology to the cloud.

Validate Your Skills As An AWS Expert

The course content was designed by Real Time Industry Experts so that it covers all the topics as per current IT world to make it more reliable and effective way. Lifetime access is provided to the students to train in the most innovative way to acquire In-Depth subject knowledge skill set. Placement Oriented AWS Training sessions are provided to the students to grab wonderful job opportunity in top notch companies.

Amazon Web Services has already become the largest share holder of IAAS global cloud market share. Gartner forecasts that by the end of 2022, the worldwide public cloud service revenue is expected to be 53.8 billion dollars. The public cloud revenue is expected to grow by 17% just by the end of 2020. A major share of these revenues would be coming from AWS. This simply means that several new opportunities are soon expected to be generated in AWS. Companies like IBM, Dell, Accenture, Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix, Infosys & several other companies have already started recruiting the best talented professionals in AWS.

What Are The Prerequisites For This AWS Course ?

Candidates must have working knowledge skills in distributed systems and work knowledge skills in a multi-tier architecture. Familiar knowledge of cloud computing concepts will be added a career advantage to take up this AWS Training in Hyderabad.

Global Demand for Certified AWS Expert

AWS Certified Expert has great demand in current IT world where an individual is an expertise in designing and deploying scalable systems on AWS. There are incredible numbers of jobs for the Certified AWS Expert to solve complex issues and boost Organizational revenues. Simply get certified as AWS Expert where the global demand is incredible.